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Idea New Admin/or director role

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WHy not create some mod training. Like or aply for mod what is with me and mods this week but like  my idea is can we get a role for like pre mod then you gotta be there for like 3 months and if you pass you mod or some like and do it for the other roles this will probally be on discord but i barely use discord so idk so like eheheh idk

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I get many questions from users (most new users) through chat every day, and I reply all of them and answer all their questions to the best of my ability. I try to be nice to everybody who plays the game :) 


I wouldn't mind having a mini ambassador role on my profile. That would look kinda cool. Maybe even a custom avatar or a custom sprite for my character (like how Pat's a munchlax and Flame's a pink rhyhorn). 


This also reminds me of a role Nintendo used to have - Game Counselors. The counselors are the coolest people on the block, lol. 

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