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I'm not exactly sure what should be done to improve the Pokemon happiness increase system. But when you read about it in the forums it says that after each Battle of the Pokemon in question will receive 1 - 2 happiness points after each battle and it takes 73 happiness points to increase one heart and to have a maximum of four hearts that you need to evolve your Pokemon you would have to have 255 happiness points each earned one or two at a time after each battle you have with that Pokemon. With that being the case when they do events greninja ash, it's pointless to anyone who doesn't already have a Greninja at maximum happiness which is extremely hard to reach. I've been trying to get my pichu higher happiness so I can evolve it to a Pikachu and I've been trying on that for months and months and no matter what it doesn't know I'm in a realistic rate. So for everybody who doesn't have a Greninja already at Max happiness it's pretty much pointless because you go catch a Froakie and you evolve it and evolve it all to be told that you're not going to be able to receive the Greninja Ash because of the stupid happiness increase system that is broken. So maybe lower the numbers or maybe give more numbers per battle because it's really frustrating to get everything done for an event within the time limit and then be told that you can't do it because of the broken happiness system that doesn't seem to work. I've done Lots of battles with the simple goal of raising my Pokemon's happiness and no matter what I've never even raised one heart. So if the administrative team is seeing this I think that the happiness system could be revived to be more realistic and less outrageously time-consuming for such a simple goal. It's crazy that I can catch a Geodude that's level 6 and then go battle a trainer account once and get it to level 99 but I can't get a Pichu to a Pikachu.

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The training accounts were never intended as a feature.
It's something that players made themselves, using what is available within the game.
Some teams have been created to help train happiness, although that is still slower than the Level 6 immunity training.

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Its even hard to point in the problem that you have.


First about lvl 6 pokemon getting to level 100 in one battle - yes it is so, because you battles with trainer that was made for that reason, to increase pokemon level fast. if lvl 6 pokemon wins 6 oponents of level 100, ofcourse it will go to level 100 as well. But you will get only 1-2 happiness points as its one battle against 6 pokemons, and not 6 battles.


Regarding "Broken happiness system". What is broken there? You battle with pokemon you want to train and get happiness points for it. You battle against trainer - you get lot of exp but low number of happiness points. Thats correct. What the problem there? If you battle with wld pokemons. Each encounter will count as 1 battle - you will get low exp but will get happiness faster.


From personal expierence (trained 4 froakie to greninja ash in 2 days) its not as hard as you make. It depends at how you train happiness. You can easly get 4 hearts in 2 hours. 


For more info you can search tutorial about happiness on youtube made by Auke1993.



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