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Bug Missing days in calendar.

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I have played Pokémon vortex every single day since I started playing. Never missed a day, but my calendar shows me missing days. Even right now it says I did not log in today. Anyone else have this issue?

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Posted (edited)

Only reason i can come up is:

You were playing game and date changed (server time is GMT, and it registers new logins at 00:00 GMT). If you were online during day change and did not log out and log back in, i do not think game registers you as logged in new day.




If you have someone else who plays PV prom your home who logged that day first or you have more then one account! Daily login counts toward only first account that logged in that day, and rest will not get login mark in calendar.

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Are you playing in a location where multiple people play?
If so, if they log on before you do during a day, they will get the log-in reward, and it will be unable to be obtained by you.

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