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Hello Duck here.

As the title says am i gonna talk about the Unown Avatars.

first release - Halloween 2018

second release - april 2019


Unown Avatars isnt been obtainable since 2019 ( besides getting from pokebay)

and there are not so much ingame, and many new members joining pv since then till now.

So here are 2 category's with a couple ways i was thinking on to have a chance for obtain unown avatars.



A. Through the whole year


- Mystery box (top tier)
- Sidequest (johto region)

- Exclusive Auctions




B. once a year


since unown avatars started as halloween login reward might be a good option to keep it like that, here is a option i was thinking of to obtain unown avatars once a year on halloween.


- Catching Unowns

having a chance to get unown avatar by catching that exact unown, for a easy fast way it could be count for all 6 variants, for making it much rarer it counts for shadow/shiny unowns only its a event date anyway.




these are my thoughts/ideas about this topic but it still feels it isnt complete or good enough, so if you guys/girls have any feedback about this topic that i might not have thought of then drop it in the reactions.








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1) How if there was a way like exclusive auctions run every hour in the month of October? So, in a day 24 random Unown avatars would be put into circulation. 


2) How if it was awarded defeating a clan leader in clan battles. Criteria being the clan leaders from top 100 clans. 

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I think it's a great idea, making old and rare avatar's obtainable. 






Note: I think it might be happening in near future, Patrick liked the idea. 

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