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Unanswered How rare are Legendary/UB/Shiny/Rare Pokemon? (answered)


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All I know is that Legendaries are rarer than Rare and UBs are rarer than Legendaries.

I wanna know the % though so I know if I should spend time on getting them.

For example, I want Shiny LittenShiny Froakiebut they're shiny, and rare... and I want Shiny DarkrownDark Darkrai

Please answer truthfully and don't answer jokingly.

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i don't wanna give auke MORE questions answered but its a good answer so-
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The exact spawn rates of the Pokémon are not known.
We used to have exact numbers when Pokémon Vortex still used the Legacy Maps, which is the previous map system that was in use.
The current map system, the Live Map, doesn't have known spawn rates. So unfortunately I cannot give you an exact answer.

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