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So my idea would be this, so when you click on your Pokémon maybe it should have more info on it (if you are confused about what I said ‘when you click on your Pokémon’ this is what I mean) Note: Look down at the picture because I can’t type below it




Fire.png Flying.png

Level: 100

Experience: 1,210,000



Pokédex Number: #250

ID: #0027669029

Owner: HyperPanther

Original Trainer: HyperPanther


Sacred Fire
Brave Bird
Ancient Power
Fire Blast


So maybe it should say like when you caught it to make it more interesting in a way and it’s mood as well just you know, and one more, it’s class like what rarity the Pokémon is

Well that’s my idea bye lmao

Edited by HyperPanther
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