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Universal Dratini Line Collector Needs Help

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I don't have much to offer, but I do have a Mettalic, two Mystics and one Shadow Pokemon, among others.


What I want is to get the whole Dratini line to train, I don't mind if I'm given three Dratinis so that I evolve the other two into Dragonair and Dragonite later, though if they had a good moveset, I appreciate, since I don't have much money to buy moves(started the game today, lol.)


No need to offer the three Legendary Dratini Forms, as much as I want to get them on the future (My idea will be having a team of Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, and the three legendary Dratini forms in the future, lol) I don't have anything one would accept to trade Legendary Pokemon for.


It's just that getting three Dratinis in Route 13 will take forever, so I figured I'd speed up the process via trading. ^_^

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Okay, so, I managed to get a few more Pokemon that might pick someone's interest.


Special Pokes


MewDark CelebiGoodra


Dark Celebi is level 90, Goodra is level 100, Mew is level 65. The three above I'd like to trade for Dratinire, Dratinice, and Dratinilic (Preferably a Dark one for Dark Celebi, but I'm willing to trade for a normal one with good attacks).


I also have Shadow VanilliteShiny GeodudeMetallic DruddigonMystic EkansMystic SnoverMystic LoudredShiny LunatoneMetallic LunatoneDark Minior (Meteor)Dark Deino


Level 39 Loudred


Level 50 Turtwig

Level 70 Drampa

And Level 79 Skarmory


Currently, to form the team I want with the Dratini Family I still need DratiniDragonairDratiniceDratinilic 

I'd prefer either normal or dark forms only, with good attacks being a good bonus if possible.

My in game nickname is RodrigoBrasil. 

If someone wants to trade, feel free to post here or send me a message in game, if I'm at work I'll anwser when I can get into the game! ^_^


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1 hour ago, RodrigoBrasil said:


Done! Listed a Mystic Loudred!

Thanks very much for your help, I'm really grateful! ^_^

Sorry for the late response, I was busy. I've offered them to you, enjoy

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