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Answered Certain Avatars


How do you get certain avatars?

The list of avatars on the wiki helps with this but it was last updated on April 20th this year so some of this stuff might be out of date.

For example, I want Darkrown AvatarSnorlax Avatar, and Mega Snorlax Avatar and Mega Arbok Avatar

But the requirements seem out-dated because I haven't gotten them yet. (well, only darkrown but...)

If anyone knows how to get them without Mystery Boxes please help me out.

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The requirements aren't outdated, they're still correct.


Snorlax: "Reward for encountering and defeating Patrick in a clan battle"

This means you have to do clan battles from the https://www.pokemon-vortex.com/your-clan/ page until you're lucky enough to be matched with Patrick. I don't know the exact odds but it can take tens of thousands of clan battles to have this honour, personally I bought mine on Pokebay for 12 million.


For the other 3, there's only a chance of unlocking the avatar after catching/evolving those Pokemon, it's not guaranteed. That's why you don't have them. All 3 of those sell for ~1M on average so it's easier (but less fulfilling and fun) to just buy them on Pokebay

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