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15 hours ago, CandyCotton said:

I have Poipole if you want to offer

YES Shiny Thundurus or Shiny ZamazentaOR EVEN Metapod (Christmas)

On 6/23/2022 at 9:17 AM, PenguinizedYT said:

YES Shiny Thundurus or Shiny ZamazentaOR EVEN Metapod (Christmas)

I put shiny zamzenta on trade ign: penguinziedyt


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14 hours ago, pokemonbattlegodash said:

Is ur vivilion pokeball for trade ?

Don’t scam him kyurem black is worth much more than a missingno. I bought mine for 800,000 go check da

prices in discord la 

oh ok sorry I didn't know

what's the discord link?

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On 6/18/2021 at 11:29 PM, PenguinizedYT said:

b53245ef72102544b05e5105d93b6a6b0decae96Pokemon Trading Center


DISCLAIMER: I am taking a break so may take a while for a response.


I only accept Pokemon. No PDS.

Common (Normal Variant):

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 (level 50 panchampawniardDeinoshinxtogepi<- level 100 toxel

Legends and Mythicals:

  Reveal hidden contents

yveltalzygardesuicunearticuno*azelfcelebimetallic celebijirachiDark GroudonShiny Thundurus<-- x2Mystic Tapu FiniMystic DarkrownThundurusShiny Zamazenta(Shadow Ho-ohShadow ZamazentaShadow Tapu FiniShadow Kyogre) Limiteds


  Reveal hidden contents

TOO MUCH! Check my acc, ign: PenguinizedYT


Some good ones: Shiny Blastoise (Mega)Shiny DratiniShiny GyaradosShiny HaxorusShiny Venusaur (Mega)Shiny MagmortarShiny ZoroarkShiny NoivernShiny PidgeotShiny PolitoedShiny PrimarinaShiny PrimeapeShiny Thundurus<-- x2Shiny Zamazenta


  Reveal hidden contents

None currently, because I need a beast ball 😢 :BeastBall: 


  Reveal hidden contents

 GreninjaTyphlosionChesnaughtBlastoise (Mega)Dark SnivyShiny Blastoise (Mega)Shadow Charizard (Mega X)Shadow Delphox



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 shiny dratiniMystic LilligantJolteonpupitarshadow jangmo-oshadow rotomMetallic HattereneMystic Weezing


  Reveal hidden contents

Check out my other shop, Events Trading Center.




What I want: Pikachu (Jedi)025JMS.png

                         Xerneas (Neutral)716NMS.png

                       Giratina (Origin)487OMS.png

                    Arceus (Fairy)493MS.png

                             Hoopa (Either Form)720MS.png



                            Beast Ball:BeastBall:(On PokeBay)

[You don't have to give me these as these are just what I want the most ;)]


Are you ready for the cold?


Articuno:MasterBall:August 2022:MasterBall:


Past Pokemon Of The Months:


July 2022: Jangmo-oStatus: Available

June 2022: JirachiStatus: Available

Pokemon of the months are given to the first person to offer on them for the month. And a rule for the Pokemon of the Months are they have to share the first letter with the first letter of the current month.


This is the end of the shop. Thanks for visiting!

I’m interested inShadow Jangmo-o.

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