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Contest Bucks 2021 CHAMPIONS!!! (Giveaway)

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bruh i cant believe giannis played that good. Im a huge basketball fan.  I was hoping suns would win tho lol

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On 7/21/2021 at 10:08 AM, Captaincam1 said:

Hey hey everyone I'm in a great mood, to any nba fans out there the Milwaukee bucks are the new 2021 champions kinda getting emotional about it (I'm a big fan). But I am giving away the following Pokémon


Dark Rotom(1x) Metallic Rotom(1x) Mystic rotom (Heat)(1x) Rotom(3x) Rotom (Cut)(1x) Rotom (Pokedex)(1x) Rotom (Spin)(2x) Rotom (wash)(1x) Shadow rotom(6x) Shadow rotom (wash)(1x)


Those are the prizes winners are random although with the number of prizes its possible everyone could win but best of luck lol


(Ending August 1st)

Take care


Basketball Nba GIF by Milwaukee Bucks

ign sanathandsaathvik

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