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Idea Adding a compulsion to add pic's in report forum

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As I see all new report post's, I see that all new player tend to get scammed and report to the forum, but they either don't know how to upload or even bother to do so. By adding a compulsion to add pic's in the report scam section, this will solve the problem of writing repeatedly to give proof and actual evidence to investigate. Also when uploading, also steps can be written for uploading pic's as no new player will even bother to read forum post or tutorial's to see how to upload stuff like that. 


This might also help in reducing a lot of created useless report's with no evidence given.



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Unfortunately it seems there's also a lot of reports that have images and that don't tell anything.

People seem to think if someone has a pokemon with their OT that the other stole it. I'm not saying that's never the case, but just showing a pokemon with your OT on some else's account doesn't always mean it's stolen.


But the basic idea is good imo

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This Idea will help Me and Others alot cuz I know some scammers But Dont have a proof for them But I also cant upload Pics Of the chat the people he scammed and That scammer This Function Should Be added To help players Who have proof but not know how to Upload ( Like me :/)


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