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It will be more fun if the Pokemons can breed. But to breed them, you need to have 2 pokemons (male & female), in lvl100, and must be in their Second or Third or Mega Evolution. 

Which means legendaries and genderless pokemons can't breed.

Their baby is lvl25 and in the first evolution. 


Lvl100 Female Butterfree + lvl100 Male Butterfree= lvl25 Caterpie


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That seems like good idea,but I don't think the baby pokemon should be level 25.I was actually thinking about posting Pokemon breeding as well, but until saw your post I didn't feel like posting the same thing.Also, one thing- your baby pokemon needs to hatch first...  

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Not going to happen on a game like this. Fossils, event Pokemon etc will instantly lose their value. There's also next to no reason to have more than one of other Pokemon since they're either worthless now or will become worthless once there's an infinite breeding supply of them.

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