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Will Not Fix Fighting+Steel Error in the wiki

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PART FOR SUPER SMART PEOPLES who can easily understand me ( dont blame me if u dont understand now ok!)


You can check it by urself tht whenever you do:

{{ TEFightingSteel }} it would show up

Damaged Normally by: Electric Fairy Flying Ghost Poison Psychic Unknown Water
Weak to: Fighting Fire Ground
Immune to:  
Resistant to:

Bug Dark Dragon Grass Ice Normal Rock Steel


But the thing is tht steel is immune to poison!

You cant just simply make it neutrally damage after a weakness type is added!

Now in simple words


I want tht the fighting+steel type error tht makes steel seem to be damged by the poison atks should be fixed.

And btw this is not in game bug because lucario is still immune to poison and doesnot takes damage fromit and so its not a bug its an error!

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