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SO, this is my 1st giveaway SO i am going to give away 100dunsparceto the 1st winner.

Nah! I am just kidding so the prizes are;


 1st prize: Shiny yveltal

 2nd prize: Genesect (blaze)Promo code

3rd prize:   100  :UltraBall:658MS.pngwith 250k exp.



#1.TO participate in the giveaway u need to write ur ign(username) and follow me on forum and ign:robertoleon in vortex.

#2.The giveaway ends in september 20. BUt, prizes being distributed/winners being declared is on 21-23rd of september (they could also be delayed a bit).

#3.The 1st prize winner is already declared ( the 1st to comment with his ign/participate).

#4.The 3rd prize is a choosing prize.

#5.If you comment at 1st list a random pokemon you dont need already.


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