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Idea World coronation series idea

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 World Coronation series is a competition in the original series. in it trainers have live battles with the person in the same class, like class normal then great, ultra and at last master class. then at the end of the month they will be getting prizes. so wouldnt it be epic to add it to the game. it is not copied in any game.

i have posted this again bcoz last time i polled this by mistakenly so i posted it in the idea section. it is a very good opinin from my side but it is up for the developers' opinion. this game is the best online free game of pokemon. So i would like it to continue to an official game. wobbuffetshiny cinderaceshiny rillaboomshiny inteleon

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This game will never become an official game, legally that is not an option.

To have the idea as you suggested it, we'll first need live 1v1 battles to work. That's hard to program, and due to that is not a feature as of right now.
Perhaps in the future we will have something like this. If we do, I don't expect it to happen anytime soon.

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