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Security for Accounts

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Earlier and maybe many times we have found that a person got into others acc and took their stuff (or caused some damage to their acc). 


So just to stop those things we can have a "Account Activity Page". 

This page will allow us to look at all the activity of our account (As name Suggests). 

Now many might this why this is helpful?
As I informed earlier this can reduce account pass scams and other related things 


What is can include and what it will tell us?

It can have some info about account like which poke u last caught or last released, and at what time...

It can also include info about the IP by which we logged in in the account (Also the country). 

Also Time might be a very important aspect of this feature... Many players may entered wrong time zone in the starting (I Know time don't matter anymore, it is just for auctions, "MISSING LEGACY MAPS"). 

This can allow them to select other time zone and the time will be shown at that page only.


Other things it can include is Trade related things, Last trades and older once. And Poke Bay auctions won (I know we can see that in Auctions won sections too). 


Last but not least, nothing can be deleted from this page. Once any activity is done then it will stay their forever. 

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What would be more useful is 2-factor authorisation. But nobody gets their account actually broken into on this game, 99% of the "hacks" on here are kids who gave away their passwords despite all the obvious warnings when you're sending messages etc. It's hard to make accounts secure when the users are actively working to let people into their accounts

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