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I would like to suggest something new to assist the battling aspect of the game to allow for smoother gameplay:




For example, when you are battling, and you want to select a pokemon from your party, i.e. the first pokemon or the third, you could use the number keys on your keyboard, 1 through 6, to select that pokemon quickly, and maybe even have enter as the hotkey for continue. 


Just a thought, had this idea for a while now, but I would love to hear your thoughts,


Have a wonderful day, 


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Yeah, i think that's a wonderful idea!!! If there were hotkeys for continue and attack, then it would have been easier and smooth. I am bored of clicking the mouse continuously while training xp. My fingers start to pain after a while too. I request the respected moderators to make this idea a reality. (I am not commanding, just requesting).

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Would also like to add to this, aside from being able to select which pokemon to use in a battle using hotkey, apply also hotkey setup during battle.


E.g hotkey 1-4 for any of the 4 pokemon moves

hotkey q-o for using items etc.

"Enter" to continue


At least with hotkey settings battling could be a little bit more productive expecially during sidequests, rather than scrolling and mouse clicking.


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