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Both Ugh, when will this sub-decent game die?

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First of all if you think this game is 'sub decent' then why are you here? Why play a game which you don't think is good? Just by posting this his here people know who is below the decency level. This game is good and that's the reason people play it. About the updates, this game has been through a lot of change - the live map, season changes, new events and many others. There is no problem with the game, the problem is with people like you. I don't think you are much welcome in this game.

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37 minutes ago, o......Serein......o said:

It's so depressive. This non-collective game barely gets, a tragically less then a 1% decant update... Through its 10+ years of phenomenal existence. Super catholicly criiiiinge-Audrey Whitby Reaction GIF by AwesomenessTV

Its not easy to get new updates every week. The moderators try their best to make the game enjoyable, it's not easy as you think. If you don't wanna play, then don't. You don't have to tell that it lacks updates.

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It will likelt stop being available either when the playerbase almost fully disappears, or if the developers all are unable to work on the game anymore for a long period of time.
Otherwise I see this game as continuing. I have a lot of fun with it.

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