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Answered Encountering Fainted Pokemon


Hello everyone,


I'm hanging in Sanctum for a while, and I encountered with Shadow Charmander.

Entered with wrong team and fainted it by fault when I try to catch it..

Thenceforth, I haven't encountered with Shadow Charmander.


My question, is there any rate change or blockage after a faint?

I'm really digging hard but I cannot find any, It's already rare and I always see Normal/Metallic ones.


Thanks for patience, waiting for replies.

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Fainting a Pokémon does not affect its rate of reappearing in the future.

As you said, Charmander is already a rare Pokémon, add on to that you’re looking for one of the two rarest variants - Shadow.


Unfortunately you’re just having some bad luck, you’ll get another eventually.

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This gets asked all the time because it's quite weird. You knocked out a Pokemon then immediately went back to the maps without properly finishing the battle - then when you opened the next encounter it finished the last battle. In the future click Continue and only go back to maps when it says "Congratulations! You won the battle!" or whatever

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