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Answered Are art comissions allowed?


My question is, if I offer art comission services for users to decorate their trading thread and signatures with for pokemon vortex pokemon/exp/items, would that be okay, or is that against the rules?


I cant imagine its something in high demand, but I did not want to offer such a service until I know for sure. Using the search function, I could not find anything about it and since I wasnt sure if this was something that goes against the cross-trading rule, and how risky it could potentially be for me to make the art for a person and for them to not give me the payment after as well ( but is still a risk I sm willing to take for the sake of trying it out, should this be allowed ) ! Art and graphic designs are passions of mine so I figured I would ask, thank you very much in advance!

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We used to have an art section on the forums full of threads that did just that.

Once upon a time before social media and the smart phone, forums used to be a simple and popular way for people to communicate. As this demand died down, we shut down a lot of the sub-forums due to declining activity and interest.

In short - yes you can do that if you want but just keep two things in mind;

- You cannot ask for real life currencies as payment (Pokémon Vortex items/Pokémon etc is fine)

- Based on previous reasons of shutting down the art sub-forum, you may not get much interest.


Good luck to you :D 

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