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Avatars necrozma.


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7 minutes ago, 1gladion said:

yeah so.. this topic is kinda one thing ive wanted to know for a long time. how do u get the normal necrozma avatar. ive checked a lot of questions mentioning it but didnt get answers. pls answer if u know how

mystery box u cant get so far i know

It was auctioned by a mod and bought by psychkid for 70 million pds

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3 hours ago, HUNTFERRARI0907 said:

does anyone know about a landorus theirian? i randomly got a landorus therian and i dont know why after i bought a landorus therian. but then i bought a tornadus therian and didnt get it

That’s because there is a chance of getting the avatar once you claim a therian promo, you were lucky to get the lando avatar but not for the tornadus avatar

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