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Pokémon Vortex

Idea A chat box to chat and chill with players while exploring PLEASE :D The game would be way more immersive and active and social

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This game would honestly double in player base if you guys could add a little chat box in the left corner where we could type to other players around us while hunting legendaries/UBs and stuff. Or a world chat.. It feels quite lonely but this game is beautiful.. A map would be nice too :D Or you could click on players and click duel to insta pvp ppl around you.. and maybe bet in game money for the winner :D there's so much extra money we have in this game, I dont think gambling it in pvp would be harmful.


What do you guys think? 

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While I personally quite like the idea of having the opportunity to chat in-game while exploring the map, I don't see it happening.

I remember reading an older thread where a similar idea was proposed - I can't find the exact one right now - and it was rejected due to concerns regarding chat moderation.


EDIT: Found the thread I was thinking of.

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I don't think Vortex needs a global chat. We already have the Vortex Discord, which is regularly used.
A map feature would indeed be nice. The main (and in my opinion best) fan-made one was unfortunately removed, but others still exist.

It is possible to battle against other people's accounts, but these will be computer-controlled opponents. Live 1v1 battles have been recommended many times, and is being looked into. However, it is hard to implement so it may take a long time before it happens.

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