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Not a Bug Eevee Christmas Tokens used but pokemon not recieved

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Hi, I noticed that when I tried to cash in my 25 Christmas Tokens for this event that I did not receive an Eevee (Christmas) in return. I tried checking my pokedex and looking through the my recently caught list and it does not appear there. The tokens were used up, as though I never had them in the first place. Here is the process I went through if this helps:


I recieved a token for logging in today


I caught a normal Eevee and a Shadow Eevee on Route 3


I switched from desktop to mobile to raise my normal Eevee's happiness to 4.


I switched back to desktop to evolve it into a Sylveon


I redeemed my 25/26 tokens to get an Eevee (Christmas).


I haven't seen anyone else bring up this bug, so I'm not sure if it's some weird steps that caused it.

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