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Reputation is put in place so the community can deem a thread as a good contribution to the community and so the top contributors can be recognized for their efforts.

Reputation is not a competition, you do not need to strive to be at the "top". If you are actively contributing good quality content to the forums, it will be noticed and you will receive reputation for it.


Please follow these rules regarding reputation:

  • Do not ask for reputation.
  • Do not use alternate accounts to give yourself reputation.
  • Do not use reputation to "harass" other members of the community (This includes giving the negative rep to all posts of someone just because you dislike them)
  • Do not "upvote" all of someone's posts just because they are your friend or clanmate.

Ignoring any of these rules will result in you (and anyone else involved) having their reputation reset (and maybe their account suspended/banned depending on the case)



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