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Both Idea for Sidequests

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As the Pokemon Vortex progresses, more and more battles will be added to sidequests. That makes it progressively harder for players to reach the end of sidequests and claim rewards / special items at the end. Instead, opening mbs or buying items from the auction would be the main way players would obtain these special items. 


I recommend for sidequests to be segmented into different regions that players can select from: kanto, johto, hoenn... alola, galar. That way, players can pick specific regions that they'd like to do sidequests in. Also, this way, players might be more inclined to attempt sidequests to gain exp, rather than battle training accounts only (which makes the game more fun!)


There can be pre-requisites. For example, players should complete sidequests from start to end at least once before they are granted the ability to select specific regions. 


Some might say, the current sidequests is structured so that fossils are progressively harder to obtain (i.e. amaura - sail fossils are much harder to obtain than omanyte - helix fossil). But tbh, I believe many people obtain fossils from mbs in which the rarity of all fossils are equal anyway :) 

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Good idea! I've been thinking this would be a good addition for a while tbh. Would certainly make fossil collecting more feasible, particularly for OT collectors.


As things stand, gen 8 fossils have been out for well over a year now, and not a single person has a full set. There are only 3 Shiny Arctozolts in the whole game, and I believe there was only 1 Mystic Arctozolt until this week.

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It will surely help newbies and also help players earn loads of money and Exp while increasing Battle count, Moreover getting Fossils as well as rare items :) (AlAlso decreases grinding)

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