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Bug Reloading sidequests battle

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sometimes clicking attack a few time will trigger a glitch that changed the web routes from "../battle-sidequest/973" to just "../battle" and when that happens and i reloading the page (cause dialga is pain in the a** to beat in one shot) it wont reset the battle like any other sidequests battle (something like battling a wild pokemon).

i dont know if it only occurs at sidequests number 973 or at any battle.(Edited: it is happened on any sidequests battle)


(Pardon i dont know how to share screenshots from url)



Plus when im trying to refresh the page its only refresh the current attack. For example my sableye was killed and had 0 hp and i reloading the page to redo the battle but instead its only redo the current attack multiple time with clearly 0 hp. (again sorry i cant provide the screenshot)

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found new bug
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