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Trading Many Unique Legends

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Hey guys! I am trading all of my spare unique legends/Rotom Halloween/Primals/EXP

With so many legends on here, I would prefer if you guys didn't offer other legends in exchange for them.

What I am looking for though is any and all event types (excluding Pikachu Christmas) including normal types as well. 

I will also do deals for exp for no more than 10 legends (prices can be negotiated)






Shiny AzelfShiny CelebiShiny CobalionShiny CresseliaShiny DeoxysShiny DialgaShiny Diancie (Mega)Shiny EnteiShiny GenesectShiny JirachiShiny LandorusShiny LatiasShiny LugiaShiny MespritShiny MewShiny MoltresShiny PalkiaShiny RaikouShiny RegigigasShiny RegirockShiny RegisteelShiny RotomShiny SuicuneShiny TerrakionShiny ThundurusShiny TornadusShiny UxieShiny VictiniShiny VirizionShiny YveltalShiny Zapdos



Shadow ArceusShadow ArticunoShadow AzelfShadow CelebiShadow CobalionShadow CresseliaShadow DarkraiShadow DarkrownShadow DeoxysShadow DialgaShadow DiancieShadow Diancie (Mega)Shadow GenesectShadow GiratinaShadow GroudonShadow HeatranShadow Ho-ohShadow JirachiShadow KeldeoShadow KyogreShadow LandorusShadow LugiaShadow ManaphyShadow MespritShadow MewShadow MewtwoShadow MoltresShadow PalkiaShadow PhioneShadow RaikouShadow RegiceShadow RegigigasShadow RegirockShadow RegisteelShadow ReshiramShadow RotomShadow ShayminShadow Shaymin (Sky)Shadow SuicuneShadow ThundurusShadow TornadusShadow UxieShadow VictiniShadow VirizionShadow Xerneas (Active)Shadow YveltalShadow ZapdosShadow ZekromShadow Zygarde



Dark ArceusDark ArticunoDark CelebiDark CresseliaDark DarkraiDark DarkrownDark DeoxysDark DialgaDark DiancieDark Diancie (Mega)Dark EnteiDark GenesectDark GiratinaDark Ho-ohDark JirachiDark KeldeoDark KyogreDark Kyogre (Primal)Dark LandorusDark LatiasDark Latias (Mega)Dark LatiosDark LugiaDark ManaphyDark MespritDark MewDark Mewtwo (Mega X)Dark MoltresDark PalkiaDark PhioneDark RaikouDark RayquazaDark RegiceDark RegigigasDark RegirockDark RegisteelDark ReshiramDark RotomDark ShayminDark Shaymin (Sky)Dark SuicuneDark TerrakionDark ThundurusDark TornadusDark UxieDark VictiniDark VirizionDark Xerneas (Active)Dark YveltalDark Zapdos



Mystic ArceusMystic ArticunoMystic AzelfMystic CelebiMystic CobalionMystic CresseliaMystic DarkraiMystic DeoxysMystic DialgaMystic DiancieMystic Diancie (Mega)Mystic EnteiMystic GenesectMystic GiratinaMystic GroudonMystic HeatranMystic Ho-ohMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMystic KyogreMystic LandorusMystic LugiaMystic ManaphyMystic MespritMystic MewMystic Mewtwo (Mega X)Mystic Mewtwo (Mega Y)Mystic MoltresMystic PalkiaMystic PhioneMystic RaikouMystic RegiceMystic RegigigasMystic RegirockMystic RegisteelMystic RotomMystic ShayminMystic Shaymin (Sky)Mystic SuicuneMystic TerrakionMystic ThundurusMystic TornadusMystic UxieMystic VirizionMystic Xerneas (Active)Mystic YveltalMystic ZapdosMystic ZekromMystic Zygarde



Metallic ArceusMetallic ArticunoMetallic AzelfMetallic CelebiMetallic CobalionMetallic CresseliaMetallic DarkraiMetallic DarkrownMetallic DeoxysMetallic DialgaMetallic DiancieMetallic Diancie (Mega)Metallic GenesectMetallic GiratinaMetallic GroudonMetallic HeatranMetallic Ho-ohMetallic JirachiMetallic KeldeoMetallic KyogreMetallic LandorusMetallic LugiaMetallic ManaphyMetallic MespritMetallic MewMetallic MoltresMetallic PalkiaMetallic RaikouMetallic RegiceMetallic RegigigasMetallic RegirockMetallic RegisteelMetallic RotomMetallic Shaymin (Sky)Metallic SuicuneMetallic TerrakionMetallic ThundurusMetallic TornadusMetallic UxieMetallic VictiniMetallic VirizionMetallic Xerneas (Active)Metallic YveltalMetallic Zapdos



Dark Poochyena1.1mil.Shiny Gourgeist (Super)20mil,Pidgey1mil,  Hydreigon3mil,  Shadow Zygarde25.1mil, 

Rotom Halloween

Rotom (Halloween)Shiny Rotom (Halloween)Shadow Rotom (Halloween)Dark Rotom (Halloween)Mystic Rotom (Halloween)Metallic Rotom (Halloween)

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1 hour ago, Kiwinugzfan said:

Are you interested in normal cosplays (belle & rockstar) and if so what are your rates?

18 legends a piece (more or less depending on which ones you want)


49 minutes ago, StarPonyta20 said:

What do you need for Shiny Latias? I have some stuff in my trades, plus probably some other stuff I've forgotten I've had on my account. My IGN is StarPonyta20.

1.5 mil exp

Edited by Westly Hippington
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5 minutes ago, StarPonyta20 said:

Three shiny legends for one? You crazy, I tell ya. You CRAZY.

Well see the issue is that I don't really need legends (stated in post) so i don't want to trade them for other legends so if you want the Shiny Latias for legends then i'm gunna charge 3 shiny legends. Your choice.

Edited by Westly Hippington
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1 minute ago, Westly Hippington said:

Well see the issue is that I don't really need legends (stated in post) so i don't want to trade them for other legends so if you want the Shiny Latias for legends then i'm gunna charge 3 shiny legends. Your choice.

I think I'll catch my own, thank you very much.:-_-:

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On 14/02/2016 at 4:52 PM, london456 said:

I have a Heatranwith 2.5 mill exp. I would like your Shadow Mewtwo Shadow Arceus Shiny DeoxysShadow Giratinafor it. Out of the 4 I have selected, which 3 are u willing to give

the last 3. They are up for trade. Just offer two regular pokemons on 2 of em and the heatran on the third.

On 14/02/2016 at 5:46 PM, syed6754 said:

1.5 million exp for Shiny PalkiaShiny Mewand Shiny Dialga?

i need more than 1.5 mil for 3 shiny legends

On 14/02/2016 at 11:17 AM, AWSOMESH said:

I want your rayquasa of 10.5mil.you want?

an event would be nice

On 14/02/2016 at 11:59 AM, waybig said:

MyMystic Groudon (Primal)for Mystic%20Mewtwo%20(Mega%20X).gif

ok. its up for trade.


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On 18/02/2016 at 4:19 AM, Serapheon23 said:

you missed my post

Just a reminder 

My Shiny Houndour7.5M for your Shiny Lucario (Mega)7.5mil 

Shiny Golem2.5M for your  Shiny Garchomp (Mega)2.5mil

If you want an exp swap.

I didn't miss it, I just ignored it because I don't want to exp swap because I don't get anything out of that


On 18/02/2016 at 10:02 AM, ZomBKing said:

How many for my Shadow Mewtwo (Armor)


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