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new varients plz

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12 hours ago, legend_gaming said:

plz devlopers add other varients like








Woah that's so good. It will have a big impact on the game and some of the variants might get added to the game! 

Btw I love void and toxic😜

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  • Developer

You've just taken these from another game:





And it'll never happen anyway, but thanks for the idea, nonetheless.

When it comes to variants, the goal was only ever to have six, which is already a huge time consuming task to complete the Pokédex.

If you haven't already noticed the section of the Pokédex that says "Coming Soon" which is the Side Dex, this is to implement one of a kind Pokémon that would otherwise be complete variants such as Crystal Onix or Pink Rhyhorn. This way, we can have these special Pokémon loved by the fanbase without having to turn every single other Pokémon into that variant, achieving two things:

  • The Pokédex remains a manageable size
  • The Side Dex Pokémon are all that more special not having an entire dex done in that style.

Side Dex examples:


Crystal OnixPink RhyhornMewtwo (Shadow)



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