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Hey everyone 

Dinofest here. 

I’ve made this thread to add a few suggestions for the betterment of PV. 


In-game ideas-

1. Trading for specific items

  (a) Avatars

This feature would be a godsend for players who are trying to complete their avatar collection. Not everyone can pay top bucks for some cool avatar. This also opens the gate for new types of giveaways. 

 (b) Promo codes

Some players try to be completely OT for their Pokédex. Other players also sell promos for more money. But a cheap promo is overbid by someone else. This would also be a great addition to the game. 


2. Typing feature in trades. 

See, there are a lot of Pokémon in the world of cartoon. 800+ if I’m not wrong. While searching for a particular poke in trades, you gotta scroll a lot. This would get worse in the future as more new regions and Pokemon are added. 


3. More filter options in pokebay-

 (a) Pokemon

I’m trying to obtain as many unobtainables as I can. Players also search for high exp pokes. Adding exp filter to pokebay would make it way more easier. 

 (b) Avatars

There are a lot of avatars up for grabs in pokebay. Filtering avatars by rarity (which is a star) would make it more easier for players to access and bid. 



Event ideas-

It was recently hinted by @Patrick that there would be no more Star Wars pokes and the event would be repeated.

What I’m trying to say is that PV should not continue with making events a Daily Reward. People would only get one and would thus try to make multiple accounts, resulting in a ban. 


I hope these ideas are assessed. 



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