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Not a Bug i cought a pokemon and its not in my inventory

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Browser & device information:

  • im using chrome on windows 10


Is the issue recurring or has it only happened once?

  • once


Can you recreate the issue?

  • i cought a rayquaza with my master ball (i had 2) and the rayquaza is not in my pokemons and the master ball is gone and i got only 1 now


Have you checked the bug report forum to see if your issue has already been reported?

  • no, im sorry but im using a friend to read and write for me because i dont know english well
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When you used the Master Ball, did you click on the 'continue' button to go to the end-of-battle screen?
If you did not, it will be treated as you having left the battle prematurely, and the result of the battle (catching the Pokémon) is not saved.

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