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Not a Bug Dark Necrozma Route 2, did not appear in pokemon list.

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Hello, I would like to report an error or bug that happened. 

i caught a Dark Necrozma on route two at 2:30 am pacific standard time with a vortex ball but it did not appear in my pokemon list. i received 25 vortex balls from a mystery box i purchased today. I used 1 vortex ball to capture a Mew which did appear in my pokemon list and the other was used on a Dark Necrozma. Again this pokemon did not appear in my pokemon list. Both pokemon were caught in route two. I would please like to receive my Dark Necrozma. 


Thank you 

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When you used the Vortex Ball on Necrozma, did you click on the 'continue' button to go to the end-of-battle screen?
If you did not, it will be treated as you having left the battle prematurely, and the result of the battle (catching the Pokémon) is not saved.

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