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So it is was just a normal day was playing vortex and then i got a DM from a guy (prolly won't disclose his identity).  He told me that he was banned from Forums for having an opinion on some thing.


And he continued by saying this that the perma ban thing is not appropriate for a game and he also talked to Patrick about the same thing but Patrick just fill his pocket with this game (which I certainly accept). He also included that Patrick don't care about the community and just think about money and whatso. Which tbh might be right. 


Actually the game is rigged to say fair. Same person wins again and again, new one don't get much room to rise up and this is also kind of true. If u r new and have money u can see many people climb the top soon (not targeting someone), but this is truth. Also He said that Real Money Trades are kinda banned and is a punishable or bannable offence but I personally never saw anyone getting ban from RMT. Which is kind of contradicting as this game on its own is based on Real Money and also don't implies on the last point of rules that are written on Discord too. But the game itself want us to do RMT by buying store pokes from store and don't ban people too. 


Also he said that Patrick bans those who have some genuine point on something, that is why he was banned lol. 


Also many of the upcoming features are still coming and we really have no clue about the events and features. Vortex have just created hype about things and now not giving them out, which is really true. We still don't know about many things when they'll come. Wonder Trade is the best Eg, forget about new things the oldest one haven't even developed yet. 


He was soo angry about the game and its policies and some what more angry from @Patrick (Bro I would recommend you once to talk to this dude on Discord at least once, he seems really angry and not gonna lie please do talk once Jari#8755). He said many more things too like about other stuff too (ngl he really saw everything in Vortex and then thought to do something). 


Also a Funny part when he said that he spent like 50 $ on this game. Bro only 50 $ people here spent like 1 K on this game and then become pro. That is the funniest thing i read at that moment but also shows another side of vortex (P2W). 


At last I should say I accept not most but with every point so ngl he is true. Also I would request Devs and mods to take a look at this man seriously once not kidding (At least take something seriously, game already dead). Also would love some opinion of Patrick on this as maybe just one day he'll also get a ban on having opinion lol. 


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First of all, I've already spoken to that individual on Discord months before his rant on the forums, he seems to be very angry that people spend time playing *any* game, not just Vortex. He thinks playing games is a waste of time and I don't like this air of superiority that he thinks he can tell people how to spend their time - It's none of his business how people have fun.

Secondly, the game is far from "dead". Over 10,000 people play the game weekly (which that number jumps up when there's an event) and I'm happy with this number, that's all that matters. I wouldn't care if only a single person played it, I didn't and do not continue to make Vortex for the enjoyment of others, I do it for my own enjoyment of computer programming, the fact people play and enjoy it is somewhat a bonus and feeds motivation to make me carry on but not essential to me. How many people play the game should matter to no one but me, and it doesn't matter to me.


Back to that person in particular you're talking about, he lost any right to have a direct conversation with me because all he keeps talking about is money, I'm not interested in discussing money with anyone. Again, my wallet is none of his or anyone's business.


He was banned on the forums because of his constant negativity, it's not welcome here. He does not have a right to be on the forums, it's a privileged extension of the game and I should not have to come on daily to constant attacks from kids who know nothing about me setting statuses about how they hate me.


My message to him in the ban was "If you do not like the game (or me) then simply do not play it". This is my own approach to any game or service, if I do not like it then I won't use it. I don't feel like I have some inherent right to hang around complaining and attacking people about the game/service.


I would have replied to his topic he made but like on Discord, he wasn't capable of making it a rational discussion, it was a personal attack.


I have nothing to say to him and nothing more to say on this topic. I hope you understood everything I've mentioned, if not you can come and discuss it more with me on Discord.

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