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Feedback The Lag during events

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So this is basically just a normal feedback and hope the developers read it.

I have been playing the game for a year now and have noticed that there are very few lags in the game, which is absolutely a very good thing considering it an online game.

However, when it is the time for events in the game, I face the issues of lags and timeouts frequently as the number of players during an event are like twice the regular amount of players on a normal day. (Don't know whether it happened to you or not)

It somewhat makes me angry cuz it takes like 15-20 mins or so for me to get back into the game and it happens quite frequently, not just once.


Just wanted to let the developers know, cuz event time is like a paradise for players who wanna get the pokemon they wish for.

I really hope I won't face that problem in the upcoming event on 4th May.


Just an idiotic player giving his opinion.

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This is something that's been an issue for a longer period of time.
Although I've only had very minor lag in the last few events I've participated in, I can see how people with weaker internet connections may have trouble.
I believe one of the solutions the developers have chosen is that, if an event Pokémon appears in the wild, to spread it across 5 areas at least. That way, not everyone comes together in the same area. It'll still be busy everywhere, but not as straining on an individual's internet, and possibly not on the Vortex server either.

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