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Idea Themed Seasonal Events

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We talked about the idea of themed seasons for each month. So here are so suggestions


Make the theme based on Types or Regions

This kind of a theme can work really well. This will bring importance to various aspects of the game and will make this game more interesting with type or region based benefits


If the theme is based on type (we will take grass type as example):

  1. Make it so that the points to be added to the seasonal's formula for unique pokemon caught will be slightly more for the type of the theme. For example, if the theme of the month is Grass type, the uniques of other types will count as 1 pokemon but for grass type it would be 2 (lower is fine too)for the formula, however the final addition of unique caught will be the same even though for the formula there was a boost. This way there would be increased interest towards catching grass type pokemons as the theme but the other type pokemons will also be considered as is
  2. Give experience boost to the type. For example, other type's 100 level pokemon gain 500 exp from defeating another 100 level pokemon but for the grass type as the theme, the exp will be 600exp. This will incentivize the players to use the grass types without tampering the other types. This will also benefit the players who want to gain seasonal points and want to follow the theme too. So that if two players are putting in the same time for exp and did the same amount of battles, the one who followed the theme gets more point and the other player doesn't feel cheated as he got the points he worked for.
  3. Increase the spawn rates for the grass type rares and legendaries for the casual players to enjoy the game too


This means that if the player go by the theme he/she will benefit directly and will be incentivized but if the players had other plans for the seasonals, they wouldn't be

affected as the other types performance isn't affected

Also the daily reward pokemons can be of the themes type


If the theme is based on region (we will take kanto for example):

  1. First off, double the chances of getting the rarest price from the regions sidequest and the pd price to complete the sidequest
  2. Training exp of a kanto pokemon with level 100 will give 600exp against another level 100 instead of the normal 500 exp which will be for pokemons of other regions
  3. Count the number of unique caught more for the kanto pokemons like mentioned for the type based theme points
  4. Increase the spawn rates of the kanto rare pokemons and legendaries for the casual players


This will further put interest in the particular region and incentivize players to focus on the particular region for the rewards for the seasonals and the casual players too

Make the daily reward pokemons Kanto pokemons only for this example


We shouldn't make this over complicated. Also the season theme can be influenced by the months particular event as well, for example, as this month we are going to have meloetta (pirouette) event who is from kalos region, the theme can be kalos region based.


I would like further inputs on the same


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