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Justdolex's Trade Thread All Shinys Posted 5/11 More to come

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shinys: Aipom, alomomola, basculin (red stripe), bermite, bidoof, bonsly, bouffalant, buizel, bulbasaur, bunnelby, burmy (plant), cacnea, caterpie, charizrd (mega x), charizard (mega y), chikorita, combee, corphish, daumaka, deerling (autumn), drilbur, dunsparce, ekans, exeggcute, farfetchd, finneon, foongus, gastly, gible, goldeen, goomer, grimer, hawlucha, helioptile, heracross, hippopotas, hoppip, houndoom (mega), illumise, inkay, keckleon, klefki, klink, krabby, kricketot, lickitung, mienfoo, milotic, mime jr, minun, nidoran (F), nincada, oddish, pachirisu, pancham, patrat, phantump, pichu, pichu (notched), pidgey, pineco, plusle, quilfish, rattata, rufflet, sandile, sandshrew, scatterbug, scraggy, scyther, sewaddle, shelmet, shroomish, shuckle, skitty, sneasel, snivy, snorunt, snubbull, spearow, spheal, spinarak, spritzee, stantler, steelix (mega), stunky, sunkern, surskit, swinub, tailow, toxicroak, unown (H,N,O,Q), vanillite, venonat, weedle, woobat, wooper, wynaut, yanma, zangoose, zubat.

All my other pokemon are for trade. I will have pictures up and a complete list by the end of the week but this is a start. please feel free to tell me what you are interested in. Please check out my username Justdolex on pokemon vortex for a full list of my pokemon.

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4 hours ago, justdolex said:

What's your Ign?

Malan. Check my trades only

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I'm interested in your following pokemon:

Dark --> Abra, Ducklett, Sandile, Shuppet, Snover, Turtwig

Metallic --> Abra, Bergmite, Ducklett, Electrike, Frillish, Happiny, Honedge, Houndour, Koffing, Magby, Makuhita, Misdreavus, Ralts, Pansage, Squirtle, Timburr

Mystic --> Bergmite, Croagunk, Electrike, Elekid, Mankey, Nincada, Sandile, Snover, Solosis, Vanillite, Woobat, Wingull, Weedle

Shadow --> Barboach, Cacnea, Cherubi, Dwebble, Elekid, Furfrou, Happiny, Magby, Pawniard, Poliwag, Porygon, Qwilfish, Timburr, Wurmple

Shiny --> Aipom, Bergmite, Bulbasaur, Finneon, Gastly, Goldeen, Hippopotas, Klink, Snorunt, Surskit, Woobat, Wooper

I can offer other uniques for them, as I have a TON on my account (ingame: starphoenix). Please feel free to look at whatever is up for trade, we can go from there. Thanks! :)

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6 minutes ago, justdolex said:

I responded or sent everyone trades in game. Thanks and let me know if I missed anyone (:

You missed me

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