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game bad, training hard. pls fix with this amazing addition!

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A number of players have already voiced their discontent with the current 10 second timer for each battle. However, it’s already been said many times that there is no plans to change the length, so instead I’d like to suggest an improvement that would make hitting the 10 second timer less aggravating. 


The improvement would be an option to turn on a visible timer counting how many seconds your battle has lasted so far and would restart after each battle. I don't think this would be too hard of an addition, since the game should already have a record of the current battle time for the 10 second timer to work. For a visual idea, I edited this beautiful image below:




I would also like to add that the timer should probably only appear when you’re actually facing the pokemon, just like in the image above. Whereas, when selecting a pokemon to battle with, it shouldn’t be there.


If u have any improvements or don’t like the idea, comment and let me know.

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16 minutes ago, Lethal_Entity said:

Loved it but since I use shortstack...the timer wont be visible anyway? so it would only be useful if I trained with full-screen ig?

it could just be an issue of placement, but that method isn’t really “intended” so I doubt it should specifically be tailored for it

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To make it fit better visually, maybe the final "Continue" button before the end of the battle could be greyed out with the amount of seconds remaining displayed on it (counting down, with the button becoming red when it's clickable). This way the timer is only shown when it's relevant and it doesn't confuse new players doing their first battle. I made a quick mockup:



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