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Answered Hisuian Pokemon Location


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Hisuian zorua is on route 16

Hisuian Growlithe is in scorched sanctum route 9 entrance (bottom floor) and craggy stairway 

Hisuian Qwilfish is on route 25 at night 

Hisuian Voltorb is on route 12 

Hisuian Sneasel is on route 10 at night 

White stripe Basculin is on route 24 at night and route 25 during the day

And enamorus is in the water on route 24 during the day.



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1 hour ago, coolpants12345678 said:

what time is hisuian zorua


I'm not sure. I haven't encountered one yet, but I saw on the wiki that it is on route 16.

I think it might be a rare encounter rate 

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