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Idea for Mystery Boxes revamp

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Mystery boxes are a nice way to get event Pokemon where you might have missed the event, or didn't find what you were looking for during the event.


The problem I see is that due to the range of Pokemon available in the boxes (around 40 different event Pokemon), the chances of actually getting a specific Pokemon you are looking for is extremely slim.




Perhaps an idea could be to split Mystery Boxes into various colours, where each colour will contain 5-6 different Pokemon, hence slightly increasing your odds of getting what you want.


For example:


Blue Mystery Box (contains the following)

Arceus (Fire)


Deoxys (Speed)


Keldeo (Resolute)

Jaw Fossil


Red Mystery Box (contains the following)

Zygarde (Complete)

Arceus (Water)

Kyurem (Black)

Pikachu (Libre)

Rotom (Wash)

Genesect (Ice)

Sail Fossil



Or they could be split based on the region, or another sensible grouping of some sort such as all Arceus forms in 1 grouping.


This way, it would give buyers slightly more confidence that they may get the Pokemon they are looking for.


In the Vortex Store, their could be an option to choose which colour mystery box you want to buy, listing out the items available for that specific colour.


I think the previous style of 1 Pokemon a month in boxes was good but due to the number of event Pokemon now, it probably wouldn't be very popular.


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