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Universal shiny Groudon Primal

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2 hours ago, arturomecanica said:

Hi, im looking to trade my Palkia + Suicune + Lugia + Zekrom all Shiny for a shiny Groudon Primal. Thank you.

I have Zekrom it’s up on trade.

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11 minutes ago, Hardieboi said:

@Vox0z that person means they HAVE the pokemon Shiny PalkiaShiny SuicuneShiny LugiaShiny Zekrom and what they NEED is Shiny Groudon (Primal)


Anyways @arturomecanica you shouldn't make trade threads for 1 pokemon only, go to the trade thread by Chris

So they are willing to give out those Pokémon for the Groudon? @Hardieboi

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