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Hi Everybody , Hope you are doing well

I am writing this forum just to say That I got Banned (And requesting that you Unbann me - Another Chance)

I am assuming I got banned for Asking Csaipraneeth for a Password of a Mini account

Which I bought from Him called ''jinwoo'' for Over 12M , Around there.

It had way over 609 Pokemon and alot more. And common events too. I took the events to my Main : GagingSlowbro
And left the rest and was tryna sell it to someone , Forgot who now. And asked csaipraneeth for the password of the account (Not his main) And the transaction was done over discord , Though I deleted my discord around a month ago. But it should be in pinned messages under me and csai's chat under deleted user 
Anywho If it was for that , I apologize. I wasnt trying to account steal whatsoever. I have a main which I try well on and was trying to sell that mini

In some Games you cant sell accounts. And selling accounts here I assume is wrong too. I apologize and want another chance in that case. Or if it was that I overpriced a few pokes for more money I got banned , Then I am sorry. Sometimes I overprice for just more money. And I knew that was tottaly wrong but didnt care much. 

Again , I apologize for whatever wrong I did. Anybody who knows or was affected by what I did (which I am unsure of currently) I apologize if anyone feels harmed or I did wrong @Patrick  @flamescape Can you please please restore my account and un bann me? I worked really hard on that account. And I only play Pokemon vortex and a few other games so It means alot when I get banned/lose an account. Can you please give me my account back.


Warmest Regards to All

Take care and Stay safe Everybody

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You were not banned for any of the reasons you mentioned.

I doubt you would want me explaining what happened here, in public. So if you want to discuss it, come and talk to me on Discord.

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Pokemon Vortex staff never ban anyone simply. You must have broken the TOS which you agreed while signing up. 

You can always start new. 

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