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Not a Bug My Reputation Points are all Gone

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For some reason I logged in today,And I checked my Accoutn on forums…..My reputation points are all gone 


is there any reason why it’s all gone 

 pls let me know Mimikyu


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I have a strong theory.
Yesterday, out of almost nowhere, you were leading the weekly reputation standings. Not with 10 points or maybe 16 points. No, you had 40 points.
I had a look at your reputation, to see where it came from. It seemed to mostly come from the same user, and for pretty basic comments most of the time.
If this happens once or twice I wouldn't think anything of it, but this was very suspicious.
Whether you know this user or not I don't know, but abuse of the reputation system is not allowed. This applies whether you intend for that or not.
If uncertain if you two even know each other, the rep was likely deleted due to suspicious behavior with the reputation system.

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