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Visual Indicator for Top Pokémon

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Exp training to gain the status of "Top Pokémon" for each species is not easy. Often times, we might not even be aware that some of our Pokemon has achieved Top Pokémon status. 


I recommend we add a visual indicator for the player's Top Pokémon in the "View All Your Pokémon" section as well as the in the player's user profile. 


For example, in here https://imgur.com/PCNU3Ep, a Top Pokémon can have a "gold card" (imagine filling the gray color of each Pokémon's "card" with a gold color). Or any other visual indicator really. 


I believe that adding some sort of visual indicator for Top Pokémon will also motivate players to achieve Top Pokémon status for their mons. The Top Pokémon status is not permanent, of course. If another Pokémon of the same species exceed the Top Pokémon's exp, their "gold card" will then return to the ordinary card.

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