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Idea New Pichu Pre-evolution idea

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Hello there Pokemon vortex developer(s)!


I was looking at beta pokemon and I found this cutie.EKd9z3_UwAAkmGp.jpgI was thinking you could add him to Pikachu's evolutionary line. Because this was a Gold/silver beta pokemon, it should either be added to the vortex Dex or the Johto Dex.




Here are some name ideas:


1. Chuchu


2. Pikaball


3. Pikabuff






Here is a Pokedex entry: 


Scientists in the vortex region have found this Pokemon in Pichu's dens. With it's ball shape, sometimes a Small group of Pichu

 will  play ball with it, of course, due to it's ball shape, it is the ball.


weight: 3lbs.


height: 8 in.


The electric ball pokemon

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