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Answered where did my forum break rule?


i posted the forum 'trading' (see the post in my or patrick's activity)(already locked)

patrick replied to my forum said i broke the rules but i didnt know where

pls answer where did i break the rule after seeing the forum (i posted it a few times ,see the last time)

i will try do no break the rule 

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Going by what Patrick said in a recent reply to one of your topics, it looks like you made multiple trade topics.
You are recommended to, if you want to add more Pokémon to your trades, to edit the original trade topic, and add the new Pokémon there.

One of the rules is listed as 'You cannot create a new trade thread until your previous one is at least two weeks old or deleted'.
You likely broke that rule, perhaps multiple times. I didn't look at all of your topics to verify that.

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