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It doesn't make sense that 5th place gets the same reward as the 100th place in the seasonal competition. I also realize it's hard to change or buff the reward with the way it works right now. This is because the amount of VC is so low and it limits what you can and how you can distribute the rewards over the placements. I have seen this happen in other games and also how they fixed this problem. 

I'm suggesting adding an extra 0 to VC in general. So first place would get 50 points but things in the shop that currently cost 1 point should then cost 10 points. What this does is that it removes the limitations and gives you more freedom with awarding points across placements. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place could stay the same but 4th could start decreasing more slowly. One example below. Right now there's no point in even going for seasonal ranks because the first 4 guys seem to have 36 hours a day to play the game and it doesn't matter if you get 5th or 100th... there's absolutely no reason to go for any rank higher than 90 basically, or 80 if you want to make sure you dont get kicked below 100 last second. I think this would fix that. You could even increase it more to maybe 1 -> 100. For fairness obviously all points currently held should also be increased by 10 or 100.


1st. 50 VC

2nd. 40 VC

3rd. 30 VC

4th. 20 VC

5th-10th. 18 VC

11th-20th 15 VC

21st-30th 12 VC

31st-100th 10 VC



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18 hours ago, ImmortalDarkCrow said:

Prices are just too stupid. Seasonal pokemons are so valuable because its takes time and effort to get VC, so giving 10vc for 31st-100th vc are not realistic.

i dont think you understand what im saying... first of all, i just gave an example with 31st-100th 10 VC. And second, it's the same reward as it is now if the entire VC economy is multiplied by 10...

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