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Pokémon Vortex

Please add some sounds to vortex.

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As much as I love this game, It gets kinda boring and just grinding and walking around in-world. It needs something to give it life, like music while traveling around. Also, it wouldn't hurt to add some sound effects when clicking buttons while in the Pokebay, Pokemart, Sidequests, Etc. (And of course,, for those who don't want the sounds, don't forget to add an option to toggle it off. It would seriously make this game pop. 


- thanks, from the original

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I think sounds would be just as repetitive and get old extremely quickly. Music, sure, but you can easily put on your own and the majority of players will end up muting it if the same tracks play on repeat all day anyway. There's also the issue of what music will play - custom music? Music lifted from Pokemon games?

Personally battling and hunting on this game are just fun things to do while I'm waiting for something, or watching a show/movie I'm not particularly interested in. Any distracting noises would get muted immediately



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it will be cool if night and day, different routes, and battles all have different music,but if it is all the same music then I think don't add it.

also, the music should be taken from pokemon games or theme songs, to better fit the 'pokemon' from pokemon vortex


from pokemonbattlegodash shadow necrozma

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