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Hi Vortex Dev Team, 


Before the update, I've been going through sidequests to accumulate battles and exp for seasonals anyway, so I don't have an issue (I like) the update to seasonals. 


I understand that there are ongoing conversations about adding sidequests rewards to season battle tower, that's great! 


My one qualm now is - My main source of income (pds) used to be from the end of each sidequest region (~1.3 - 1.4m pds each round). However, now that I'm transitioning from sidequests to battle tower to compete in each season, I am concerned about losing my main source of income and that I'd be very poor very soon 😭 


Can some sort of "earn X amount of pokedollars" (and avatars) be added to the season battle tower, soon? 


Thank you for your consideration 🙂

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I like the idea of adding prizes to the Battle Tower.
Perhaps every battle, or every 7 battles like in the original Battle Towers, you get Battle Points. You'd be able to spend these on various items. This could be the way that the Sidequest rewards are moved over to the Battle Tower.

As for the money, I think it'd be nice to have some money rewards added to the Battle Tower. The Sidequests money rewards take quite a long time to get to, but in the long run they're one of the best ways to get large amounts of money in the game. Adding some money reward(s) to the Battle Tower would probably be a good idea.

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I also agree on adding prizes to the battle tower because either than just getting exp u can get other prizes

and might also can add some rare things e.g. n solar/lunarizer ,ultranecrozium z,adamant crystal,lustrous globe................ but they will be dropped at a very little chance e.g. 0.001%

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