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Unanswered How get more megastone guaranteed


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Outside of the Mega Stones for the starters, you need luck to be able to obtain them as Sidequest rewards.
The only other way is to purchase them from Pokébay. The money you get from completing Sidequest can help you towards that.

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The cheapest and most guaranteed way to get a mega stone is by buying them via the Pokemart, however they only sell Mega Stones for starters. You can buy them off PokeBay, but they will most likely be much more expensive due to its rarity/ difficulty to get. Getting them off Sidequests is a good idea but it can take a while.


To get money faster you can use training accounts, go on Pokemon Vortex every day (because sometimes you get PDs as a daily login prize) or you can offer your Pokemon in return for PDs (again, not the best way but if done efficiently can be useful)

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