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Fixed Attack Button on Battle UI

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Hey everyone, just wanted to start off by saying I love this game. I was really into Pokemon Crater back in the day and just discovered this site. Awesome work!


One quality of life change I'd like to see is a fixed position for the Attack button on the battle UI. While I'm grinding side-quests I often find myself chasing the Attack button as it moves up and down depending on how long the "Attack Results" text is. It would be nice if it stayed in one spot throughout the battle. One solution for this could be to move the Attack Results text underneath the Attack button. I made a quick mock-up of this (please excuse the poor cropping 😆)




Please let me know what you think !

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Not entirely sure but I think this might be intentional to make mouse macros more difficult to create. It's especially noticeable when immune training. The "Attack" text also changes to have random punctuation with every attack, which I'd wager is to make botting battles more difficult

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I agree, its often annoying when i'm grinding exp and the attack button moves. When I play on my laptop, the button often stays in the same spot unless if its a critical hit. When I play on my phone however, it can get very annoying because after every attack I have to scroll down (Which happens dozens of times per battle, especially when i'm grinding for PDs). 

Maybe the button could be moved to a lower position on the page, so when critical hits land, it won't alter the position of the button. Or the text could be smaller (but that's not really a good idea)

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Or also enable an option if you want to see the information of the current battle or not. In other words, hide that battle-info window in the vortex settings manually.

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