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Hello, being a long time player i think its kinda frustrating that we will never see a full section of the pokedex completed, because of all the event pokemon that are basically imposible to collect in all 6 variants. For example, we will never complete the kanto pokedex because we will never have all of the 6 variants for all the pikachu forms, and that is kinda discouraging, same goes for the furfrous, christmas, halloween mons etc.
So i would like to suggest splitting the dex or at least not putting those event mons in the regular regional dex, just in the "event" section so we can have a sense of accomplishment and seeing the real progress made via hunting


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I agree with Patrick. You can get any released pokemon even after events has long since ended. There are several ways to do that:

  1. Buy from pokebay
  2. Trade from someone

That is for general and most common ways. As there are other ways as well, but not all pokemons can be obtained that way. That is Mystery boxes contain lot of past event pokemons, for example, Pikachu forms, Kyurem forms, Arceus forms etc. 


Other case if for seasonal event pokemons like Xmas, Halloween and Star Wars. But if you do not want to buy/trade from others, then you can just wait as they will appear in future events at some point. 


So to sum it up. There is no pokemon that is unobtainable while still released at some point.

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